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Rewards Policy

Last Updated:   June 3, 2023

Policy Name: Dragonfly App Rewards Program Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the implementation and management of the Dragonfly App Rewards Program. The program aims to incentivize community engagement, promote the growth of the EquityPay (EQPAY) community, and encourage the adoption of the DragonFly Wallet. This Dragonfly App Rewards Program Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy”) sets forth the terms and conditions for the rewards program developed by EquityPay (EQPAY) in collaboration with Dragonfly App Development LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Dragonfly App”) to promote the growth and engagement of the EQPAY community. The rewards program aims to incentivize community members to refer others and actively participate in the Dragonfly App, particularly through the use of the DragonFly Wallet.

This policy applies to all members of the EQPAY community, including registered users of the Dragonfly App, social media influencers, and other individuals who actively participate in the rewards program.

Policy Statement:
The Dragonfly App Rewards Program is designed to empower community members by providing opportunities to earn EQPAY coins through referrals, social media engagement, and active involvement in the community. The program encourages the use of the DragonFly Wallet and supports the growth of the EQPAY community.

Community Members: Members of the EquityPay community and users of the DragonFly wallet.

DragonFly Wallet: The secure mobile application developed by Dragonfly App, enabling users to store and trade EQPAY coins using encryption through private keys.

EquityPay: It is a community for entrepreneurs governed by divine laws and backed by cryptocurrency EQPAY coins.

EQPAY Coins: The EquityPay cryptocurrency “EQPAY” is listed on the Crypto exchange and is used as a prominent means of exchange in the DragonFly Wallet app.

Rewards Program: An incentive program to award coins for successful referrals made.

Dragonfly App Development LLC shall:

  1. Develop and maintain the Dragonfly App Rewards Program.
  2. Allocate EQPAY coins for rewards and bonuses as per the program guidelines.
  3. Monitor and track user activities, referrals, and social media engagements.
  4. Provide support and assistance to program participants.


Community Members shall:

  1. Actively participate in the rewards program and adhere to the program guidelines.
  2. Refer others to join the Dragonfly App and earn EQPAY coins.
  3. Engage in social media promotions by sharing program-related content.
  4. Provide feedback and suggestions for program improvement.


Rewards Program Summary: The DragonFly reward program offers community members the opportunity to earn EQPAY coins by referring others to join the program. A total of 6,000,000 EQPAY coins will be rewarded over a span of 3 years, with 2,000,000 coins allocated each year.

  • EQPAY Referral Rewards: Users are encouraged to invite others to download and use the Dragonfly App, particularly the DragonFly Wallet for rewards. For each successful referral, users will be awarded EQPAY coins based on the referral bonus structure defined in the program guidelines. The Referral rewards will be credited to the user’s Dragonfly Wallet.
  • Daily Personal Referral Bonus: A daily bonus pool of 2,000 EQPAY coins will be distributed among newly registered users who have referred others. The daily bonus will be proportionally shared based on the number of referrals made by each user.
  • Weekly Most Referral Bonus: A weekly bonus of 1,000 EQPAY coins will be awarded to the user who has made the most referrals within a specific week. In the case of a tie, all coins will be split and distributed to each tie user equality.
  • Weekly Social Media Posting Bonus: Users can earn EQPAY coins by sharing program-related content on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. A total of 15,731 EQPAY coins will be distributed each week among participants who have shared promotional content. Participants can share a maximum of 3 posts per day and 21 posts per week to be eligible for rewards.
  • Monthly 25 Minimum Referred Bonus: Users who have referred a minimum of 25 new members will qualify for the Monthly 25 Minimum Referred Bonus. The monthly bonus pool of 25,000 EQPAY coins will be distributed among qualifying users based on the total number of referrals made.
  • Yearly Most Coins Earned YTD: The user who has earned the highest number of EQPAY coins within a calendar year will receive a bonus of 100,000 EQPAY coins. This leader board-based reward resets annually to provide equal opportunities for all participants.
  • Dragonfly App Development LLC reserves the right to adjust daily, weekly, and monthly payouts until a sufficient number of users have joined the app. Initially, there may be larger payouts to a smaller number of users as the project establishes itself and attracts more participants. Our goal is to distribute 2,000,000 coins each year as stated in the payout table. In order to ensure fairness and balance based on the number of users, adjustments will be made to payouts during the first year. As the year progresses and more users join, payouts will be adjusted accordingly, with larger payouts anticipated. Please note that these adjustments are necessary to accommodate the initial phase of the program and ensure equitable distribution of rewards as the user base expands.


Exceptions to the Dragonfly App Rewards Program may be considered under specific circumstances or situations that deviate from the standard rules and guidelines. While the exact criteria for exceptions may vary, here are some examples of situations that could warrant consideration for an exception:

  1. Technical Glitches or System Errors: If a participant encounters technical glitches or system errors that prevent them from properly participating in the program or receiving rewards, an exception may be made to address the issue and ensure fairness.
  2. Unforeseen Circumstances: Exceptional circumstances beyond the control of a participant, such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, or other unforeseen events, may be considered an exception to accommodate their situation.
  3. Program Updates or Changes: In the event of significant program updates or changes, exceptions may be made to provide a transition period for participants to adapt to the new requirements or guidelines.
  4. Mitigating Factors: In certain cases, where there are compelling reasons or extenuating circumstances, exceptions may be granted. These may include situations where participants have made significant contributions to the program, demonstrated exceptional effort, or encountered unique challenges.


It is important to note that exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by Dragonfly App Development LLC. Participants seeking exceptions must follow the designated process outlined in the policy, which may involve submitting a formal request or providing relevant documentation to support their claim.

The decision to grant an exception will be at the discretion of the program administrators, who will consider the specific circumstances, impact on program integrity, and fairness to other participants. Exceptions will be evaluated based on the overarching goal of maintaining the integrity and equitable nature of the rewards program.

Participants should note that exceptions are not guaranteed, and all requests will be carefully reviewed before a determination is made. The program administrators will strive to ensure consistent and fair treatment of all participants while upholding the objectives and guidelines of the Dragonfly App Rewards Program.

Consequences for Non-Compliance:

Non-compliance with the Dragonfly App Rewards Program refers to actions or behaviours that violate the guidelines and rules set forth in the policy. Here are some examples of what could be considered non-compliance:

  1. Violation of Referral Guidelines: Non-compliance may occur if a user engages in fraudulent or unethical practices to artificially inflate their referral numbers. This can include creating fake accounts, using misleading information, or engaging in spamming or phishing activities to obtain referrals.
  2. Abuse of Social Media Engagement: If a participant in the rewards program engages in inappropriate or abusive behaviour on social media platforms while promoting the Dragonfly App or the rewards program, it would be considered non-compliance.
  3. Violation of Posting Limits: Participants who exceed the maximum allowed number of posts per day or per week when sharing program-related content on social media platforms may be deemed non-compliant.
  4. Failure to Meet Minimum Referral Requirements: Users who fail to meet the minimum referral requirements for qualifying for specific bonuses, such as the Monthly 25 Minimum Referred Bonus, would be considered non-compliant.
  5. Breach of Program Guidelines: Non-compliance may also occur if a user violates any other guidelines outlined in the Dragonfly App Rewards Program policy, such as engaging in fraudulent activities, attempting to manipulate the program, or engaging in activities that harm the reputation of the program or the EquityPay community.


Consequences for non-compliance may include the following:

  1. Loss of Rewards: Participants found to be non-compliant may have their rewards, bonuses, or accumulated EQPAY coins forfeited.
  2. Temporary Suspension: In cases of serious non-compliance, a participant may be temporarily suspended from the rewards program for a specified period. During this time, they will not be eligible to earn or receive any rewards.
  3. Termination of Program Privileges: Repeated or severe non-compliance may result in permanent expulsion from the rewards program, revoking the participant’s access to program benefits and privileges.


Indemnification Hold Harmless Clause:

  1. Participants in the Dragonfly App Rewards Program agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dragonfly App Development LLC, its affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, costs, or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or in connection with their participation in the program.
  2. By accessing or using the Dragonfly App Rewards Program, participants acknowledge and understand that all program activities are conducted in good faith and with the best intentions.
  3. Participants agree to bear the responsibility for any legal actions, complaints, or disputes arising from their own actions or representations related to the rewards program. This includes but is not limited to claims of misrepresentation, breach of contract, negligence, or any other alleged wrongdoing.
  4. Participants further understand that Dragonfly App Development LLC cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviours of other participants, including fraudulent activities, misleading information, or unauthorized use of program materials. Each participant is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their referrals, social media engagements, and compliance with program guidelines.
  5. Dragonfly App Development LLC strives to maintain the integrity and fairness of the rewards program but cannot guarantee the actions or intentions of individual participants.
  6. Please note that the indemnification clause does not exempt Dragonfly App Development LLC from its own legal obligations or responsibilities.
  7. Participants are encouraged to review this clause carefully and seek legal advice if necessary, before participating in the Dragonfly App Rewards Program.


Review and Revision:
This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its effectiveness and relevance. The Dragonfly App Development LLC is responsible for conducting the review and making necessary revisions to the program guidelines.

Contact Information: For any inquiries or concerns regarding the Dragonfly App Rewards Program, please contact our support team at We are available to provide assistance and address any questions you may have.

The Dragonfly App Rewards Program is a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering the EQPAY community and fostering its growth. Through a comprehensive set of referral bonuses and rewards, participants are incentivized to refer others, engage with the Dragonfly App, and promote the usage of the DragonFly Wallet. The program seeks to enhance community involvement, attract new users, and establish EquityPay as a leading cryptocurrency platform. By participating in the rewards program, users contribute to the collective success of the EQPAY community.

By accessing or using the Dragonfly App Rewards Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to comply with this Policy. EquityPay reserves the right to modify or terminate the rewards program or make changes to this Policy at its sole discretion.


Dragonfly App development LLC