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With Dragonfly’s Daily Reward program, every personal referral you make brings you closer to earning exciting rewards. Every day, a pool of 1,000 EQPAY coins will be distributed among registered users who have successfully referred others.


Our Weekly Reward program honors the users who refer the highest number of people during a specific week. 

If you top the referral leaderboard, you’ll be personally awarded a bonus of 500 EQPAY coins.


With our Weekly Social Media Sharing Bonus, you can earn EQPAY coins by promoting Dragonfly articles on your preferred social media platforms. The more active and impactful your social media sharing, the greater the reward. Join us in creating a buzz and be rewarded.


Dragonfly encourages active engagement and growth within the community. In addition to personal referrals, we offer a Monthly Reward for those who go the extra mile. If you successfully refer 25 or more users who install the Dragonfly Wallet, you will qualify for a special bonus of EQPAY coins.


As the year unfolds, Dragonfly rewards its most influential community members through the Yearly Reward program. The member who has earned the highest number of referrals throughout the year will be crowned the champion and awarded a substantial bonus of 50,000 EQPAY coins.


At Dragonfly, we go above and beyond to surprise and delight our community members. Alongside our regular reward programs, we also offer special rewards and promotional bonuses. These bonuses are designed to recognize exceptional contributions, celebrate milestones, and foster a spirit of enthusiasm within our community

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