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3 Ways to Boost Your Mental Well-Being


Maintaining your mental health can be difficult, as modern life often runs counter to what is now known about mental health. Changes are being made to address these more recent revelations, but that change often takes much longer than some people can afford. In the meantime, there are many ways that an individual can improve their mental health on their own. Here’s what you need to know.


Physical Fitness

One of the recent developments in the understanding of mental health and mental illness is that mental health and physical health are directly connected and therefore affect each other. This means that improving your physical health will have positive effects on your mental health. One of the ways in which modern living affects your mental health is that of disincentivizing physical activity. From recreation to work, many people are simply not getting enough exercise, and they often feel as though they simply don’t have enough time for the workout they need.

However, there are many types of workouts, so there’s sure to be something that meets your needs while also fitting neatly into your schedule. The 7 minute workout only takes 7 minutes per day, as the name implies, making it great for those in a hurry. In addition, a general fitness regimen takes a relatively small amount of time per week to meet the medical recommendation of 3-5 hours a week, though the amount of exercise you’ll need depends heavily on your desired changes.



Revamping your diet to fuel your workouts is also important. Many fitness enthusiasts have adopted Power Life high impact whey protein to gain the additional protein needed to maintain active muscles without ingesting undesirable nutrients like fat otherwise associated with protein consumption. Eating better foods can also affect your mood for the better, as use of caffeine and sugar for energy is associated with a surge of energy followed by a crash than can make you feel even more tired than before and bring your mood down in tandem with your energy level. Swapping out simple carbs for complex carbs like bread and pasta can help you give your body that energy over a longer period of time, so the energy lasts much longer, and you avoid the nasty crashes. Your diet should ideally be tailored to your level of activity on a given day, as well. You should be burning at least as many calories as you consume in a day, regardless of what form those calories take. Simple carbs are a problem for weight because of how high they are in calories, generally speaking.


Mental Activity

In general, people aren’t being mentally stimulated enough throughout the course of their workday. While the opposite can be true in some cases, most jobs inherently involve repetition, meaning that mental stimulation is largely front-loaded into the training of a new job, and it will quickly become routine. Some professions, however, entail more creative thinking and problem solving, and there are many recreational activities with similar benefits. Failing to keep your mind stimulated leads to stagnation, and that stagnation can negatively impact your mood from day to day, as well as your long term mental health. Therefore, you’ll need to avoid repetitive jobs or, more likely, engage in a mentally stimulating hobby in your leisure time. This same recommendation can help to reduce the risk of dementia later in life as well for the same reason. Creative careers and hobbies are not only great for maintaining an active and healthy mind, but are also potent methods of improving poor mental health and mental illness.

Taking care of one’s mind can be tricky, because one often isn’t aware of the mechanics at play concerning mental health. However, taking care of one’s body plays a major role in the health of the mind, and keeping your mind active is perhaps even more important. Using these tips, you’re prepared to maintain a healthy mind and even cope with mental illness.



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