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4 Spiritual Life Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You


We all know that dogs make loyal, happy companions who are content to simply stand by our sides. They don’t ask for a lot; give your furry pal food, shelter, and love, and he’ll be your biggest fan for life. But dogs aren’t just our friends; they’re spiritual and physical companions too.

Your dog provides some health benefits you may not have even considered. Studies show that dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure. This may be due to the calming effect dogs have on their humans, as well as a dog owner’s tendency to get more exercise when out and about with their pet.

One thing many pet owners notice about their dogs is that they tend to have heightened intuition, meaning they can sense things we cannot. A dog knows when a negative person walks through your door. They sense that person’s energy and react accordingly. Dogs can sense our moods as well. They know when we’re happy, angry or sad. Man’s best friend can teach us a lot about life and spirituality if we’re willing to listen.


Dogs are Content

Your dog doesn’t worry about life; she simply embraces it for what it is. She doesn’t wonder if things could be different. Instead, she lives life without question and accepts things as they come.


Dogs Don’t Judge

Your dog doesn’t judge the same way humans do. Although they can discern the difference between something they like or dislike, they don’t focus on the specifics of the situation. Details are not their concern, and therefore they stay centered on what matters most.


Dogs Adapt

Life produces change, and your dog deals with it better than you. They have ups and downs in their lives too, but they adapt without a second thought. As long as they’re cared for and have your love, their world is a happy one regardless of what changes come down the pike.


Dogs Love Unconditionally

Your dog loves you no matter what you say or do. He has an innocent heart that trusts without fail. For him, you are high on a pedestal of respect and admiration.

This type of love isn’t common in human relationships, and there’s something to be learned by that. As humans, we need to consider the impact our pets have on us and how we could affect others if we exhibited similar characteristics. If we all took a little time to be more like our faithful pets, our lives would be richer and less stressful for it.


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