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5 Ways You Can Achieve Healing on your Spiritual Journey


A person was created to be both a physical and a spiritual being! Both your physical and spiritual aspects should grow and develop. The body develops from when you are born until the time you reach adulthood. However, most times people tend to forget about their spiritual facet. Your spiritual side needs to grow and develop as well. Spiritual healing is also affiliated with great physical health. You tend to gain inner peace when you have both your body and spirit in tune with each other. Your soul is always looking for different ways to progress to attain more understanding as well as awareness. There is always that joy and exciting feeling you get when pursuing the spiritual path. Here are five ways you can acquire spiritual journey and healing


1. Establish a meditation practice

The word meditation is mostly associated with Buddhist monks. However, any person can embrace this practice, not just the Hindu swamis and monks. The fact that it is related to such examples shows it is a method you can use to begin your spiritual journey. Meditation has been a tool used by advocates of many religions. It was also used by great scientists such as Charles Darwin when they wanted to open their minds to new ideas. Different people meditate for various reasons. One of the many reasons is that meditation is a great tool when trying to accomplish spiritual growth and development. The first step is finding a peaceful and quiet environment. Sometimes soft music or burning incense can help make the surrounding more peaceful. The next step is opening your mind and keeping it calm. The third step is to connect with the cosmic source of all light, information, and love. This practice improves your capability to concentrate as well as focus your consciousness. It, in turn, builds the ability to channel the Divine. Connecting with the Divine helps you absorb knowledge and understand it perfectly well. Meditating is excellent for your body, soul, and spirit. You can only achieve peace and healing when the three aspects are connected.


2. Embrace prayer

The main spiritual tool people use when facing difficult situations such as turmoil, abuse, illnesses, financial problems and family disputes is prayer. Spiritual healing involves using prayer to heal all these problems. When you are in a mission to acquire a spiritual journey and healing, you should master the art of prayer first. Prayer connects your spirit to the Divine. It helps you communicate with your God. By doing so, your body and soul becomes less bulky regarding the problems you are facing. There different kinds of prayers, you only need to know your preference. Prayer can be in the form of music, dance, connecting to nature, contemplations, yoga, affirmations or any other form of art. Hope is an important thing to have, especially when you are going through a lot of difficult experiences. Prayer gives you hope of a better tomorrow or future. Pray, and you will be a step closer to achieving spiritual journey and healing.


3. Join a group with the same mission

It is a perception that when you involve yourself with a particular group of people, you tend to behave like them. It becomes easy to work as a group to attain a common goal. The first step would be to join either a workshop or class that has people who are on the same spiritual path. You tend to feel more connected to the Divine when praying or meditating as a group. It becomes easier to pursue something when you are surrounded by people who want the same thing. Spirituality also involves connecting with other spiritual beings.  Humans face similar problems, and it becomes bearable when confronting the issues as a team. You tend to feel better when you are surrounded by people who care when you are undergoing difficulties in your life. Try joining such a class, and you will learn a lot that will help you accomplish spiritual growth and healing.


4. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has benefits both for the physical health as well as the spiritual healing. Essential oil can be used for aromatherapy. There are various types of oils that you can use. You can get yourself a carrier for your convenience. The best carriers are the stone pendant carriers. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, and it is usually involved with spiritual awakening and healing. You can incorporate aromatherapy into meditation


5. Get Spiritual stones

Spiritual stones have been in use for many decades. There are different beliefs that some of these stones bring fortune, good luck, spiritual insight, great health and much more. Such stones include amethyst, carnelian, and labradorite. Amethyst is well-known for increasing mental health. It helps you keep your mind calm and relaxed. On the other hand, carnelian helps you work on your dreams and achieve them. Lastly, Labradorite can help you give up an addiction such as alcoholism. These stones are perfect when you are on a spiritual journey.





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