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7 Amazingly Simple Steps to The Path of Prosperity and Abundance


It’s simply not possible to live a prosperous existence if you constantly focus on impoverishment or what is lacking in you life. The truth is, you likely have far more than you realize going for you, and one of those things include your own thoughts. You are a powerful creator of your own reality — if you approach things with an enlightened state of mind. Here are some easy ways to move forward on your path to prosperity and abundance.


1. Live in Gratitude

Focus on abundance, not lack by keeping a gratitude journal. Write at least three things a day in your journal that you are grateful for. Your thoughts and words can be destructive or they can heal and uplift. Living a life in gratitude helps keep your words and thoughts in a place receptive to prosperity and abundance.


2. Forgive Yourself and Others

Harboring resentments and anger will keep prosperity and abundance at bay, regardless of how hard you try to make it wash ashore. Don’t live a life filled with strife due to old grudges. Begin by forgiving yourself and then address others. Free yourself of the past and focus on living in the moment — because will only be in a present moment that abundance appears, not in the past!


3. Receptivity

“Clear eyes, full hearts” was the team mantra in the hit movie turned TV series ‘Friday Night Lights.’ Their coach would have them recite this brilliant advice before every game in order to put them in the mindset for a victory. If you want to attract prosperity and abundance, you must open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to be willing to see and receive any abundance that the universe sends your way. One way to do so, is to speak your own personal affirmations aloud.


4. Affirmations

These motivational statements send out positive energy to the universe and raise your vibrations to help attract the prosperity and abundance you desire. Affirmations can relate to any aspect of life: relationships, love, or any changes you want to make. Often, they begin with “I am” or  “I will” or “I shall.” There’s no right or wrong way to make an affirmation, just do what’s comfortable for you. Some excellent affirmations for prosperity and abundance are:

“I know that everything I want or need, I already have. I call it forth into my life with faith and conviction.”

“I open myself up to more and more good by allowing the Laws of Mind and Attraction to fulfill my highest and best in new and creative ways.”


5. Give to Yourself

By giving to yourself, we are speaking about taking care of your physical and emotional health as a priority. If you aren’t healthy, you lower your vibrations and that isn’t likely to increase your manifestation abilities. Second, give yourself greater financial freedom by living within your means — and cut up those credit cards. Increasing debt isn’t the goal when you’re seeking abundance.


6. Consider a Life Coach

If you’ve devoured every prosperity book, listened to the wisdom of the most successful business people and still don’t feel like you’re where you should be, consider consulting with a life coach. Of course, most coaches charge a fee, so you might be wondering how this helps your abundance. Consider this – if you’re afraid to pay for such counseling how can you expect others to compensate you for YOUR gifts or contributions? Remember, there must always be an equal energy exchange for efficacy, whether that be via money or a bartering deal.


7. Stones and Crystals for Prosperity and Abundance

Since ancient times, crystals have been revered as powerful healing tools and to attract everything from romance and protection to success. Here are some of the most popular stones for boosting your ability to attract prosperity and abundance.


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