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Activate Your Third Eye With These 3 Sacred Herbs!


Do you like Meditation, Visions, and Staying in the Present?!


Well Awaken your 3rd Eye with these 3 Powerful Sacred herbs!!

Keep in mind that these herbs are not crutches for those that wish to open that beautiful trans-dimensional 3rd eye. These herbs are catalysts for the awakening of you as an individual, to hold your hand along the way, while you understand how you can activate, nourish and utilize your innate abilities as a spiritual being.


#1. Blue Lotus Nymphaea caerulea ~

A flower revered by many cultures across the globe as a sacred and holy symbol. Not only does this special flower hold high regards as its beauty and meaning but its medicinal properties as well. Blue lotus can be used to activate your 3rd eye by relaxing the body and the mind. It’s puts you in a state of euphoria and joy that expresses through your ethereal awareness. Many whom partake of this beautiful flower in tea are able to meditate for longer and increase their ability to see behind the mind’s eye. A special ally indeed!


#2. Celastrus Seed Celastrus paniculatus ~

This seed is known as an “Elixir of life” and has been used in India for thousands of years to increase cognition, memory, meditations and dreaming. Its potent effect on the 3rd eye gives way to a higher understanding of who you are as a spiritual individual. Since it helps to increase dreaming the herb can facilitate higher levels of natural chemicals in the brain that elicit the dream experience, some say it’s helps to boost the pineal gland’s ability to produce DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) a psychoactive compound that is associated with dreaming and is naturally found in the brain.


#3. Holy Basil  Ocimum sanctum ~

This special herb is known as Tulsi or Tulasi in India where it is revered literally as a god. Most households grow this herb in special pots and have intricate ceremonies dedicated to it. A consort of Vishnu and a powerful 3rd eye activator. Not only is this herb great for the 3rd eye it is also a potent anxiety and stress relieving herb! Whether you desire enhanced meditation, wholesome spiritual development or to get in touch with your sacred self this herb can help you along your way!

Now that you have some awesome herbal 3rd Eye Activating Tools! It’s time to get those pineal juices flowing! I suggest trying these 3 herbs separately in order to find which one works best for you. On top of the 3rd eye activation, most of these plants actually have other health benefits that may help a number of issues. If you interested in buying some of these rare herbs ~Click Here!~ Pretty cool stuff!

So whether you’re looking to enhance your meditation practice, cultivate your visionary skills or stay in the present moment these herbs are a perfect way to discover what you’re capable of!





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