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Add Water For The Best Possible Spiritual Experience


Astrologers tell us we are either already in the Age of Aquarius or entering it. According to a certain popular 1960s musical, this age will usher in a peaceful time of spiritual revelations. Whether that is happening yet is a possibility, but here is a certainty: Aquarius is the water bearer of the zodiac and a reminder that we all need water in our lives.

Why You Need Water at Home

Whether people immerse themselves in water for religious or cleanliness reasons, there is no denying the feeling of renewal after emerging from it. Water also has a soothing quality for humans. Every parent knows that the way to instantly calm a cranky child is to give him or her a bath.

If traveling to water is not your best option, consider letting the water bearer (also known as the pool construction company) bring water to you.

The solution may be a fountain, koi pond or even a specially crafted in-ground pool for your home. If you are intrigued by the idea of your own pool, you may be thinking, “Hmm, are there pool builders near me?” Once you find one, a pool construction company can offer help every step of the way from design to financing.

Your own aquatic retreat will offer spiritual benefits that visiting other locations near water can’t. Most importantly, you will be by yourself at your own oasis. There is not much worse than being interrupted while meditating or in the middle of a complicated yoga pose. This is why having your own water source is the best option if you are serious about your spiritual life.

Why Humans Need Water in Their Lives

Water is essential for humans. We floated in it before we were born, we are over 60% water and without water, we cannot survive for long.

Beyond survival, though, water is important to humans in spiritual ways. Many cultures regard certain rivers or bodies of water as sacred and visit them regularly. Some religions require regular ritual bathing. You will be able to create your own water rituals when you have your own body of water.

Humans Have a Need to Be Near Water

Water is so soothing, you don’t even need to enter it to feel better. The sight, sound, and even smell of water makes us feel good.

No wonder so many communities were built near water: the ocean, rivers, or lakes. Those not lucky enough to live year-round near water often travel to vacation homes at the beach or near a pond in the forest.

Another advantage to having your own spiritual water source is that you will not need to travel or pay money to rent a place near it. If you feel the need to meditate near your water in the middle of the night, you can do so without traveling or possibly placing yourself in a vulnerable situation.


Good Vibrations

Whatever you are trying to manifest during your spiritual practices, water will help. You have seen the ripples in water when a stone is thrown into it. Just like that, whatever you are trying to bring into your life can be helped along by water.

Your thoughts and wishes are vibrations. During your spiritual practices, water will take those vibrations and expand them out into the world, making them much more powerful.

Likewise, water can take away anything negative you no longer want in your life. Concentrate on things that you’d like to get rid of like stress, sadness or anger. Then ask the water to relieve you of these negative energies and its waves, drops and ripples will carry them away. Pairing this with the right cannabis strain will elevate your experience to the next level.

Outside and Inside

While doing your practices and cleansings in water, don’t forget the importance of drinking water too. When each cell in your body is hydrated properly, you will feel and look your best and you will be more in tune with the water surrounding you.



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