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Addiction and Empaths | The Sacrifice of Solicitude


Solicitude is an attitude of earnest concern or attention…and that’s an adequate description of what empaths exhibit for humans, the planet, the universal collective, and all things in the natural world. However, it doesn’t describe the hypersensitivity often associated with empathic tendencies, nor does it express the pain and suffering that is taken on by such individuals, who can literally feel the resonance of certain energies and emotions both near and afar. Addiction and empaths are not uncommon.


Why Empaths Lean Towards Addictions

When these heightened senses of awareness and empathy become overwhelming, empaths often find a way to distract themselves or ease the emotional discomfort they experience. Many will call empaths highly sensitive or overly emotional and some are mislabeled as bipolar or manic depressive. In a way, this is easy to understand, because empaths can quickly become emotional or sad depending on the activity, sounds, lights, and conversations happening around them.

Are you an empath? If so, you know that when you pick up on the energy of everything around you, ups and downs are to be expected. Mental confusion, sudden crying or laughter, and emotional upset are all indications of an empathic breakdown and can happen anytime to such people. Between being labeled and the experiences they have, empaths often find a temporary escape route to stop their sensitivity and often opt to distract themselves with a variety of addictions.


Addictions Empaths Use to Alleviate Personal Strife

If you’re an empath, you cannot simply flip a switch and turn off the outside world or your inner emotions. To escape or numb the surplus of energy, many indulge in activities that ultimately can do more harm than good.


Drugs & Alcohol Ease Empathic Edginess

Many empaths will imbibe in spirits in effort to lift theirs, and others may opt for prescription sedatives. Some try to tune into another world by using marijuana or psychedelics. While these may provide temporary relief, daily use of drugs and/or alcohol can take their toll on one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well being over time.


Dependence on Drama

I know many empaths that seem addicted to the drama that unfolds in their energetic fields. It seems odd to try and drown out emotionally overwhelming situations with more drama, but those I speak to about this ‘addiction’ swear it’s a form of redirecting their energy.


Soaking in Solitude

This is one of my favorite addictions — shutting out everything and just being alone! I know that if I leave the house, answer the phone, or go on social media that the empath in me will be burdened. Sometimes I spend days in sweet solitude.


Eradicating Emotions with Exercise

Nothing gets those endorphins flowing like a good workout, and this addiction is healthy — to a point. Moderate exercise makes for a great distraction, but taken to extremes it can cause injuries and unnecessary weight loss. Some empaths become consumed with working out to keep their mind distracted from the influx of emotions they feel.


Alternatives for Empath’s Addictions

If you’re an empath using addictions or habits as a distraction or to alleviate the physical and emotional woes that accompany your gift, know that there are other ways.

Stones and Crystals — Wearing a **crystal pendant or carrying stones in your pocket can alleviate stress and shield your aura. Calming stones we recommend include lepidolite, rose quartz, shungite, black tourmaline, blue lace agate, and amethyst. You can also build crystal grids to help shield your energy.

Meditation — Calm yourself with a dose of meditation, rather than medication. Meditation practices allow you to breathe in goodness and release all the negative emotions you’ve absorbed.

Get Outdoors — Commune with nature in a flourishing spot to soak in some good energy.

Herbs — Many herbs and herbal tea blends promote calming. Some we recommend include

FoodRaise your vibrations by eating healthy organic foods. Highly vibrational foods can boost your mood and improve your strength to battle those emotional highs and lows.

Open and Surrender — Instead of numbing and blocking, become open and surrender to the gift of being an empath.

Aura Shielding — You can invoke protections for yourself and even create a grid around your aura when you don’t want to be a receiver of energy.

Being an empath is truly a gift of the universe, so find productive ways to cope and curb addictive behaviors.





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