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Amazing Benefits Of Clean House For Mind And Body


To many of us, cleaning our homes feels like just another chore. But there’s more to it than just routine housework. A clean house has scientifically-backed health perks! Even seemingly mundane tasks like vacuuming the floor and wiping down kitchen and bathroom counters can significantly boost your physical and mental well-being.


Here are seven amazing benefits of a clean house for the mind and body:


1.   Relieves Stress:

Having a clean house is one of the most meaningful ways to cope with day-to-day stress. Living in a  messy surrounding day in, day out affects you to a greater extent than you think. For instance, piled up dirty dishes will continuously remind you of the tons of pending work.

The University of California’s research finding shows that women with cluttered houses suffered from higher stress levels than those with clean homes.

With a clean and organized space, it’s also easier to find things. So, a tidy home will certainly give you a relaxed feeling, relieving unnecessary stress.

2.  Your House Is Always Guest-ready:

With a clean house, you’re always ready to welcome guests, particularly the unannounced ones. A clean home sets a good impression of your personality and lifestyle on visitors.

In our daily lives, last-minute visitors popping by isn’t uncommon. At such times, even a reasonably tidy house certainly removes much of the pressure. No last-hour dusting the furniture and mopping the floors.

Apart from your house’s regular cleaning, you can also use Woodard Cleaning & Restoration Services for deep cleaning. For instance, you can hire them for tile cleaning or carpet and upholstery cleaning.


3.   Helps You Eat Healthier

It’s not unusual to binge on chips, chocolate, and ice cream to soothe negative emotions. However, unfortunately, stress eating only further spoils health.

A study conducted by Cornell University shows that under stress, people in cluttered environments ate more cookies than those in clean ones.

Cleaning up reduces not only poor diet choices but also drives healthy ones. For instance, when you’re working in a tidy environment, you’ll undoubtedly tend to snack on an apple rather than binge on a chocolate bar.

4.  Makes You More Active:

Cleaning the house provides some kind of bodily activity all around the week. So, it’s undoubtedly a great exercise, helping you stay fit and active. According to Health Magazine, household chores like washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom can burn as many as a hundred calories each!

Setting time limits for big cleaning tasks will help you stay more focused and active. How about playing your favorite fast beat music to intensify or pace up your cleaning chores? Dancing to the tempo tunes as you clean up will add even more activity, not to mention the fun factor.


5.  Keeps Disease-causing Germs Away

Unsanitary spaces are breeding grounds for disease-causing germs. Regular house cleaning and disinfecting can significantly reduce germs and helps you steer clear of illnesses. Also, a clean house helps prevent the accumulation of irritating allergens like dust mites.

When cleaning the house, decluttering surfaces makes it easier to dust and disinfect. When you declutter, dust settles on very few surfaces.

Typically, a home’s kitchen and bathroom are germier than the other places. Stove knobs, for instance, are a hotspot for mold and bacteria. Removing the stove knobs and cleaning them with soapy water is a must at least once a week.


6.   It Helps You Sleep Better

Since a messy house and a troubled mind go hand in hand, how can you expect to sleep peacefully at night if you live in a cluttered space? What’s more, built-up allergens on your pillow and blanket make it even harder to go to sleep.

On the other hand, if you keep your house clean, you’ll likely drift off to peaceful sleep in no time. With hardly any left-over to-dos around, your mind is relaxed, helping you sleep better. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation showed that making your bed t a simple morning chore enables you to get quality sleep at night.



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