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Clearing Negative Energy From Your Life And Home


For more than a thousand years, people have been using healing crystals for their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. More people than ever before are now turning to the healing and comforting power of crystals to help them navigate their way through the demands of modern life. Complimenting traditional medical practices, crystals and other stones have been long used to heal a variety of ailments and to protect against illness and injury. They also provide crucial mental balance and stability. Crystals could be what you need to help you shift negative energy from your life and from your home and replace it with balance and positivity.


Detoxing Your Home Naturally

Our homes can be filled with many toxins that are brought into the home through negative energy. But there are also chemical toxins polluting the air in our home that must be eliminated as much as possible if we are to enjoy a cleansed and positive living environment. Toxins and pollutants can be found in mold, dust and the chemicals used in the cleaning and personal products we use every day. These pollutants can aggravate allergies, which affect around 30% of the population. Switching to non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions reduce these allergy triggers in the home and provide a more comfortable and positive environment. Once your home is clean, and clear, you can investigate which crystals to use to keep your home cleansed.


Cleansing Your Mind And Body with Crystals

Crystals can also play a huge part in cleansing our homes, mind and bodies. Allergies have also been linked with stress and mental wellbeing. Crystals can provide relief of allergies and treat their underlying causes. Wearing or keeping a bloodstone close to you can help with any type of allergy while strengthening and calming the immune system. Apatite is known to help with food intolerance. It will help you resolve the underlying problem while also boosting the nourishment you get from food. Carnelian helps the body to detox and strengthens the immune system. Once you have removed the chemical toxins from your home and rebalanced your immune system, it’s time to cleanse your home and replace negative energy with good vibes.


Clearing Negative Energy In Your Home

To bring good luck and wealth into your home, place a jade stone by your front door in your front window. This will help to attract abundance. You can also place a coin next to it to boost your home’s Feng Shui. Put an amethyst crystal under your bed, pillow or on your bedside table. Amethyst is the dreamer’s stone and supports calm, balance peaceful energies that will help you to connect to your spiritual self as you sleep. For your bathroom, it must be clear Quartz, which is an important stone to support self-love and confidence. Rose Quartz will turn your kitchen into a loving eating environment. It has nurturing and healing energy and will help you to create nutritious and soul boosting dishes for your family.

To help you concentrate on your work and studies, place a Citrine stone in your study or on your desk at work. You can also protect your children with an Obsidian stone which has protective energy that will help to ward off fears, anxieties and nightmares that might disturb your children at night. The stone will soak up anything negative while leaving the room full of energy that is safe, positive and loving.

The crystals you choose to cleanse your home should speak to you connect with your own energy. Trust in the crystals and they will help you to clear your home of negativity and replace it with positive energy that will boost your wellbeing and create a happy and welcoming living space.



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