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Cultivating Beauty With Sacred Symbols And Crystals


Beauty is so much more than just looking good physically. It starts with cultivating positive inner qualities which shine through from within. Ancient sacred symbols and natural crystals can be used to connect to your higher spiritual self and increase inner harmony, healing, love, unity, and beauty. Wearing crystal jewelry featuring sacred symbols can have a positive influence on your daily life, which results in the cultivation of both inner and outer beauty.


Seed of life

The universal symbol of creation, wearing jewelry featuring the seed of life promotes beauty, peace, and prosperity. Historically, the seed of life has been used by various ancient civilizations around the world. It contains the mathematical order of the natural world that can be found within each and every life from right down to the atomic level. By wearing an amulet containing the seed of life, you’ll be carrying around a powerful visual representation of life and consciousness. At its heart, the seed of life symbolizes the ultimate source of creation. It serves as a powerful reminder of the connection between every living being and the importance of practicing empathy, compassion, truth, and beauty in everyday life.


Trinity star

The trinity star is a powerful symbol representing the holistic connection between mind, body, and spirit. It functions as a reminder to nurture certain important principles in your day to day life. You should take care of your mind by practicing love, peace, and acceptance. Infuse your spirit with presence, balance, and enlightenment. It’s also important to treat your body with self-respect, restraint, and vigor. Beauty and self-care routines are other important ways of nurturing the body, which also can become spiritual practices in and of themselves. Carving out time to enhance your physical beauty with beauty and skin care routines can make you feel grounded, cared for, and confident. Ultimately, when your mind, body, and spirit are in balance, you’ll radiate a powerful outer beauty that comes from within.


Rose quartz, carnelian, and black obsidian

Using the tree of life and the trinity star to cultivate inner and outer beauty can be more effective with the right type of crystal amulets. In particular, rose quartz is emits an uplifting heart-based energy which helps cultivate self-love and inner-strength. Alternatively, carnelian can be used to imbue whoever wears it with imagination, courage, and self-confidence. It helps unblock the sacral chakra which is responsible for pleasure, positivity, and creativity. And black obsidian is a powerful healing stone which can restore harmony to imbalanced or scattered energies. It can rid you of low-vibration emotions to let your beauty, love, and energy shine.

Pieces of jewelry featuring sacred symbols and crystals are much more than just beautiful accessories. They can powerful agents for inner change. Wearing these items can transform your spiritual understanding, consciousness, behaviors, and well being. They can improve your inner and outer beauty and ultimately create a positive impact in your life.




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