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How To Improve the Vitality of Your Etheric Body


If one of your goals for yourself is to achieve the inner calm that comes from spiritual balance, it’s important to spend time caring for each of your energy bodies. All energy bodies are in a constant state of communication with one another; however, because the etheric energy system is the foundation of the physical body, associated with your root chakra, not caring for your physical body can have a negative effect on your higher frequency energy systems as well. Read on to learn how you can strengthen your etheric body and support the energy bodies that make up the higher levels of your aura.


Eating for Mind, Body, and Soul

Your aura has seven separate layers, each associated with a corresponding chakra. The etheric body is the layer of the aura that is closest to you; its qualities are affected by the sensory inputs you experience, temperature sensations, and your lifestyle choices, like your diet.

In the modern world, almost everyone has trouble balancing their diets. In addition to eating simply prepared whole foods, you’ll benefit from adding supplements that are designed to bring your body back into a natural state of balance. Look for formulations with probiotics and herbal extracts drawn from ayurvedic medicine, like reishi and ashwagandha mushrooms. Social media is an easy way to learn more about the right brands for your energy body goals; visit Nucific on Instagram, for example, to learn about how their supplements work and get inspiration for a holistic health diet.


Clearing the Etheric Body With Exercise

You already know that unhealthy lifestyle choices—like insufficient sleep, poor diet, chronic stress, and a sedentary lifestyle—can wear down your physical body. However, it’s important to remember that these habits will damage your etheric body as well; many spiritual experts consider the etheric body to be the energetic “twin” of your physical form, so it follows naturally that whatever happens to one happens to the other.

Stress is particularly damaging to the etheric body, but it can often be dissipated through exercise. Physical activity cultivated with energetic effects in mind, like yoga or qigong, will help you clear any existing negative energy and resist the negative energies of others nearby. That’s because it strengthens the etheric layer’s support for higher order auric bodies that correspond to mental and emotional health.


Understanding and Preventing Etheric Sludge

When you feel emotionally unsettled, the feeling isn’t just in your mind; stress, anxiety, and depression each have different electromagnetic signatures that produce uniquely distressing feelings. The intense buzz of anxiety, the pulsing energy of stress, and the crushing weight of sadness all arise from the buildup of negative energy in the etheric body. While physical activity is essential for maintaining a vital aura, sometimes this sludge builds up despite your best efforts. Fortunately, simple healing practices like aromatherapy, sound therapy, or chiropractic adjustments can be employed to rebalance your energy.



Supporting the Higher Frequency Chakras

As you improve your ability to care for your body, you’ll find that your etheric body stabilizes, and a variety of previously unexplained physical symptoms may recede. You may then feel free to turn your attention to one of the other subtle bodies contained within your aura and focus on healing each of them. Each of the seven subtle bodies is linked to one of the seven chakras, so reiki, or energy healing, can be of benefit to your spiritual goals here. Because of the interactions between each of the chakras and subtle bodies, when reiki healers focus on clearing the energy of one chakra, you may also experience improvements in other parts of your auric energy field.

Striving to heal the natural energy frequencies associated with your body is a noble goal that will lead you closer to both physical health and spiritual peace. The foundation of all energy healing is the etheric body; although not all problems begin there, it is impossible to support the other subtle bodies without its strength.




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