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Ignite Passions and Awaken Kundalini Energy with Red Jasper Stones


Red Jasper is revered by shamans and holistic healers as the Stone of Endurance and the Stone of Passion, and it’s a powerful protective companion. Gentle, yet stimulating, these stones are also employed to increase physical and mental stamina and acumen, helping users follow through with tasks and goals to completion. Red Jasper has profound effects on the lower chakras, particularly the Base Chakra, providing one with greater access to invigorating Kundalini energy while grounding them to the earthly plane.

Channel Creativity and Discover Clarity in Actions

Believed to ignite one’s creative passions, focus, idea processes, and energetic connection with audiences, these stones are favored by members of the performing arts. Red jasper healing stones can bring freshness to artistic works and bring forth the will power to see projects through after motivation dwindles. Many find that jasper brings them clarity in thoughts and actions, helping them take responsibility for their choices and helping them discover viable solutions to employ in future actions. The strong energy of these stones make them perfect for those with difficulties facing unpleasant choices or tasks and for those seeking to rectify situations of injustice.

Physical Benefits of Red Jasper

Increases in physical stamina and overall energy makes these popular stones for athletes, students, and those with high-pressure lives. Red Jasper is a powerful Life Force and Kundalini activation stone and is valued as a restoration tool for libido, passion, and sexual compatibility. Believed to enhance the act of tantric sex and calm sexual aggressiveness, many seeking to spice up their love life call upon this stone.

Other purported physical benefits of red jasper include:

* Better mineral assimilation
* Prevention of set-backs in disorders
* Relief in disorders of the kidneys
* Treatment of liver ailments
* Shielding Against EMFs
* Spleen issues
* Lower back pain/spinal relief
* Stomach ailments, constipation, and cramps

Spiritual Uses of Red Jasper Healing Stones

Healers and energetic earth workers call upon red jasper to facilitate connection with spirit guides in effort to recall the past, facilitate astral travels, and discover insights as to the meaning of their life’s journey. Those seeking to enter high vibrational states of meditation to tap into ethereal realms often find this to be an ideal choice. Considered a sacred protection stone, red jasper is believed to shield and eradicate negative energies, transmuting them into protective energies of white light.




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