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Labradorite – Healing Stones of Magic, Ancient Wisdom, and Self-Discovery


These iridescent stones were believed by the Intuits to hail from the frozen fires of the Aurora Borealis and are said to represent the temple of the Stars, providing access to the subconscious, cosmic knowledge, and the Akashic Records. Labradorite is of the feldspar family and is often used to assist in unify the personal and spiritual selves so that one can better understand and accept their destiny while freeing themselves from karmic burdens. A powerful stone for self-discovery, intuition, and activating psychic abilities, this stone activates the throat chakra and is purported to aid in several aspects of physical, spiritual and emotional healing.


Physical Healing with Labradorite

As it’s melding of luminescent hues suggest, this is a soothing and calming stone that may help alleviate stress related disorders such as high blood pressure and cardiac issues. Restoring mental acumen, treating brain disorders, pain relief, and alleviating rheumatism are also common uses of these healing stones. Many believe it has a healthy effect on the digestive and metabolic systems and aids women in relieving discomforts from menopause and menstruation.


Emotional Healing Benefits of Labradorite

Labradorite promotes open communication and helps temper negative personality traits, recklessness, and addictions that often promote depression and physical ailments. The seemingly magical powers of these healing crystals may assist in cleansing the body of toxins due to such addictions as tobacco and alcohol. Awaken the senses to joy, self-reliance, and confidence and bring back the spontaneity in life. Calm the overactive mind, discover clarity in introspection and experience a greater sense of peace and trust in the universe. Labradorite is an excellent choice for creative types or for those aspiring to be.


Spiritual Growth with Labradorite Crystals: Illumination of Light

Believed to help one live in the present moment as a Being of Light, labradorite can be useful in helping to overcome fears, social anxieties, and release past issues holding back their spiritual growth. Astral travel, communication with other-worldly spirit guides, and abilities of prophecy often surface for experienced labradorite users in deep meditative states. As one of the most revered protectors within the mineral kingdom, this healing stone is said to shield the aura during cosmic travel, allowing for one’s safe return.


Spiritualist seeking to access their Akashic Records will frequently choose labradorite as a companion stone. Also known as the Book of Life in The Bible, The Akashic Records are the “hidden library” in space, a secret hall of information that can be revealed by diving into the subconscious mind in deep states of meditation. Many claim it is such insights that allow one to connect with the higher self and truly come to know the multi-dimensional being that they are.



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