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The Healing Properties of Himalayan Salt


You’ve probably seen a pink salt grinder, or a pink salt lamp, or a salt inhaler. But what exactly is pink salt and how can it be used to amplify your wellness? Good question. Whether you’re going for a spa treatment, practicing yoga or getting a much-needed massage, Himalayan salt can be used to greatly embellish your experience.

What is Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt is first believed to have formed nearly 250 million years ago when an ancient landlocked sea evaporated leaving behind vast salt plains laden with pink salt-loving bacteria. Over time mountains formed over these plains forming the might Himalayas.

This unique formation and the presence of the ancient bacteria in the salt meant that millions of years later pink salt would ample useful trace minerals and purity that most other salts do not possess.


The benefits of salt lamps.

Salt lamps are an excellent way to enhance your yoga or spa session, and a great way to passively incorporate pink salt in your wellness regime if you are on a low sodium diet.

With their rustic rocky look, they can bring a touch of the earth back into our modern tech-filled lives. However, salt lamps are more than just decorative stones.

Once turned on, salt lamps emit a reddish earthy light that is almost identical to the color spectrum of a sunset. Studies show that light on the red spectrum promotes relaxation and sleep.

In contrast, blue/violet light which is emitted from our smartphones and from the myriad of lights we face daily in big cities is bad for us. It disrupts sleep and can lead to increase stress.

Escaping to a spa retreat to recover has never been more needed than it is today. Salt lamps are another way of adding some better lighting to your home to achieve relaxation.


Using pink salt stones to enhance your massage.

Just as you can use pink salt for creating a certain ambiance. Himalayan salt massage stones can also be used in place of regular basalt stones for a superior massage experience.

Pink salt stones are a great alternative to regular basalt as the salt itself is anti-bacterial. When placed over the skin the salt along with its trace mineral can absorb into the skin where it can work to cleanse the skin.

Salt stones are able to remain warm over a long period of time meaning you won’t have to feel the stone’s on your back lose their therapeutic heat.

As the salt interacts with the natural oils on your skin it can glide effortlessly from one end to the other. Done properly, Himalayan salt stone massages are both pleasurable and healthful.


How negative ions will improve your experience.

Ever walked close to a waterfall and felt the cool mist in the airlift your spirits? Well, it might be more than the water at work, it’s also because of the negative ions.

When heated up, Himalayan salt has also released lots of negative ions. Whether it’s a warm Himalayan salt stone or a warm salt lamp heated from the bulb inside, both can release negative ions. How does this happen?

Himalayan salt is “hygroscopic” meaning it likes to draw moisture out of the air towards itself. Once this moisture touches the warm surface it quickly evaporates.

This constant evaporation of water generates negative ions which have multiple health benefits. Studies have shown that negative ions can battle stress, anxiety, and depression.

Himalayan salt is a natural and low maintenance way to improve your massage, yoga, and spa session. And with the tips and suggestions in this article, you can’t go wrong!



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