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The Night Watchmen’s Plant~ From Boosting Energy to Advanced Lucid Dreaming


Known as the Night Watchmen’s plant for its ability to bring energy, focus and clarity to a person, whether awake or asleep.

That is to say, it can give you energy if you need to be awake much like green tea or it can help you induce a state of lucid dreaming during sleep. Being as it is, when it comes to herbs and their properties this one is particularly unique. In this article we will discuss this special amazonian herb in detail. From energy to advanced lucid dreaming!

This sacred plant’s common name is Guayusa. Its pronounced “Wa-Yu- Sa” (strange name I know). Its latin name is Ilex Guayusa, a relative to Yerba Mate and Yaupon Holly. It’s a species of tree native to the amazon rain-forest found in Ecuador, Northeastern Peru and parts of Columbia.


“indigenous peoples use the herb to sharpen their instincts during long hunting expeditions”

Traditionally the leaves are boiled and consumed for its stimulating effects much like the way we consume coffee or tea in North America. Some indigenous peoples use the herb to sharpen their instincts during long hunting expeditions and it’s called “The Night Watchmen’s Plant” for this very reason, its ability to keep you alert and awake during the night.

The leaves can be used fresh or dried. Typically the leaves are harvested in rolls and then strung together like a Hawaiian lei. When the leaves dry, they oxidize, imparting a welcoming earthy flavor.

Guayusa has been found to contain caffeine, theobromine (commonly found in chocolate), L-theanine and theophylline (also found in green tea). It contains nearly 50% more antioxidants than that of green tea, namely polyphenols, flavonoids and saponins. The caffeine content is on average around 90 mg per 8 oz cup of tea. More caffeine than tea but less than coffee. The unique mix of caffeine, theobromine and L-theanine stabilizes the stimulating effects without the commonly associated jitters and resulting energy crashes of other caffeine containing beverages. Guayusa is also easy on the stomach and isn’t known to cause stomach problems like coffee does on occasion. Traditionally it is used to calm the stomach and promote digestion.

Guayusa is also used as a sacred plant medicine for dreaming and journey work. When I was in the jungles of Ecuador studying plants, one of the kichwa families I stayed with would use Guayusa in a very particular way. We would all wake up about 4am or so and drink a few cups of Guayusa tea (even the children), and we would all go back to sleep for another hour or so. This tea produced some of the most amazing lucid dream experiences I’ve ever had.  Dream after dream, the pervasive lucidity seemed to go on and on, until dawn broke, we awoke and the family gathered for breakfast, we shared our dreams and interpreted them together.


“This tea produced some of the most amazing lucid dream experiences I’ve ever had.”

Typically the community shares their dreams in order to help understand problems, find better hunting grounds, help people that are sick or learn about new ideas. It’s a really heart warming experience.

During Ayahuasca ceremonies (A ceremony involving the use of a powerful healing psychoactive tea) the guayusa is also combined with the Ayahuasca brew to improve focus and bring clarity to the visions the participants may receive. Commonly it is given to people to relieve stomach pain and discomfort during the ceremony.

What I think is so special about this plant is that you can use it like coffee during the day, it’s full of antioxidants and doesn’t give you the jitters like other caffeine beverages. But then you can use it during the evening to induce profoundly vivid lucid dreams.

I suggest trying out the guayusa yourself to see it’s the right fit. Whether you’re looking for a boost in energy or to improve your lucid dream skills, this herb might just be the thing your looking for. You’ll be surprised at what you discover!


You can find Ethically Wild-Harvested Guayusa

Keep in mind a little can go a long way. I find it’s always better to buy loose leaf tea as you’ll get more for your money then buying tea bags. I suggest steeping 1 tsp of the crushed leaf in 2 cups of hot water for 3 minutes. Add honey and your favorite creamer for taste if you’d like (I prefer it neat personally).

If you’re really curious about it’s dream inducing qualities, make your tea and set it at your bedside, make sure to set your alarm to 4am, when the alarm goes off, wake up for a few minutes and drink your guayusa tea. Then go back to bed. Yes it may interrupt your sleep a bit but it’s well worth it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this awesome info!

Dream Well, Stay Awesome, Live Better!




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