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The Queen Of Herbs- Top 5 Health Benefits Of Holy Basil


In our modern society we tend over work, over school and over think ourselves into a tired stressed out mess. Well today is your lucky day. There’s a holy and revered herb that might be just for you!

It’s called Holy basil otherwise known as Tulsi or Tulasi. Its is a close relative to the culinary basil everyone is so familiar with. However Holy basil has a deeper history as a sacred herb and herbal medicine from India that is considered by the Hindus as one of the holiest plants known to man. Almost every Indian family has a holy basil plant located in the central courtyard or in the front of their house. It’s known as the “queen of herbs”  because of its anti-aging, anti-stress and rejuvenating effects, above many other herbs. Everything that’s used to grow the plant also holds high esteem, from the pot, the soil and to the water. Theres actually several different varieties of Tulsi all used for the same purpose. Being as it has been used for thousands of years, there must be something to this plant!


Here is top 5 health benefits of holy basil:

1. Stress Relief~

Holy basil contains compounds that are being studied for reducing the damaging effects of stress. These compounds help your body lessen the effects that stress can have on the body. Being beneficial for people who have chronic stress, exposure to environmental toxins and traumas of all kinds. These types of herbs are known as Adaptogens. Adaptogens are herbs that help you adapt to stress.


2. Immune Support~

Since this herb helps with adapting to stress, it also contains phytochemicals that aid in supporting a healthy immune system, keeping your body strong, fending off colds, flus, virus’ and bacteria. Stress can play a big role in how the immune system functions. The more stressed the body is the more likely it is to become imbalanced, thus holy basil helps support a healthy immune system.


3. Respiratory system~

This herb is also a well known remedy for the respiratory tract. As an expectorant it can help remove phlegm and obstructions from the lungs and throat. Tulsi can give miraculous relief for people who suffer from congestion due to the presence of essential oils eugenol, cineole and methyl chavicol. It is very effective in helping almost all varieties of respiratory disorders including bronchitis, both chronic and acute.


4. Anxiety~

Amazingly enough holy basil has a relaxing effect on the body and the mind. It can help people with severe anxiety and even insomnia related conditions. It has no addictive qualities while also aiding in reducing occurrences of anxiety attacks and anxiety related problems.(Read More Here For How Tulsi Saved Me From The Fear Of Death and Severe Anxiety Attacks)


5. Dreaming~

A little known secret in the herbal world is that holy basil can be used to enhance your natural ability to have lucid dreams. Because it has mildly sedating effects it makes it easier to fall into deep uninterrupted sleep which is perfect for the best dreaming. It has also been known to help people deal with recurring nightmares and night terrors. The happiest, healthiest people are those who sleep well!

Now that you know about the queen of herbs, it’s time to put her to good use and I hope you’ve enjoyed this valuable information!






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