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Turning Your House Into A Home


In an age ripe with technological advancement, our information and awareness are strongly influenced by the powers of social media, and we are more stressed than ever. In fact, a study that began in 2007 and ran for a decade found that stress levels peaked in 2017. While work may be stressful to many people, the home should be a place to reduce stress through the promotion of peace and tranquility. Our homes should be a safe haven, a place of spiritual escape where our anxieties, fears, and stress can be washed away. Three ways that we can promote a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere in our homes are: removing negativity, surrounding ourselves in nature and promoting positive vibes.


Removing negativity

One of the ways that we can begin to remove negativity in our homes is by removing items, pictures, and articles of furniture that we associate with negative memories and feelings. Clutter can incite feelings of chaos and disorder, by removing the clutter in our homes we can begin to feel fresh, clean and more energetic. Removing all of the items that promote associative feelings of negativity is the first step toward creating a positive and peaceful atmosphere in our homes.


Nature is nurture

Have you ever wondered why office spaces and waiting areas are often filled with plants and flowers? The natural world can help to nurture feelings of tranquility and peace as well as significantly lowering levels of stress and anxiety. Indoor plants promote wellness, both physical and mental. Physically, they work like natural filters, cleaning the air by taking in toxins and carbon monoxide and emitting oxygen. In terms of our mental health, it has been proven that plants not only reduce stress and improve moods, but they also increase our focus, which makes us more efficient at completing tasks at hand. This makes plants and flowers perfect additions to any home or workspace.


Positive scents make sense

The smell of flowers, plants, fresh fruit, baked goods, or even scented candles can also help us create the peaceful, spiritual environment we strive for our homes and offices to be. Particular scents can trigger positive memories, promote certain moods and improve the way we feel. For example, jasmine has been proven to have a calming effect on people, while lavender has a particularly calming effect on many dogs. While these scents may not be for everybody, selecting a scent that is right for you could help significantly improve your mood.


Promote positive vibes

Music can significantly influence our mood and emotions; therefore, playing music that is suited for our individual tasks and experiences can help promote healthier moods. For example, when waking up in the morning, fast-paced, energetic music can help us get out of bed and get our day started; whereas, when we get home from a long day at work relaxing, classical music can help boost our mood.


Take out the trash, buy a plant, light a candle and turn on your favorite music and your home will become the stress-reducing spiritual oasis you want and deserve. We can all promote and achieve the level of peace, tranquility, and comfort that we want for our homes when we remove negativity and surround ourselves with images of the natural world and other pleasant sounds and smells.





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