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Two Easy and Natural Ways to Fight Depression and Boost Mood


It’s not unusual for individuals to experience periods of depression or feel moody at times. However, unless those periods of despondency occur frequently and last for long periods, there are two easy courses of action to consider than can boost mood and reduce depressive symptoms—eat a GMO-free diet rich in veggies and fruits and talking to a BetterHelp therapist.


Studies Show Ditching GMO Foods for One Week Makes a Dramatic Difference

A significant percentage of today’s staple foods are genetically modified and/or grown with the assistance of pesticide use. It’s no secret that pesticides and their hundreds of purportedly ‘safe’ ingredients are increasingly raising eyebrows of conscientious consumers globally, with genetically modified foods being rapidly banned in a number of countries. Beyond the physical side effects of GMO foods, they are widely known to cause a number of neurological conditions such as depression.

One recent groundbreaking study aimed to determine the levels of pesticides present in participants body’s after consuming their regular diet for a month, and then test these levels again after a one week shift to eating only organic foods. The results were startling. Just six days into the non-GMO diet study, the participants exhibited reductions of the presence of pesticide and pesticide metabolite toxicity levels by a remarkable 60.5%.

Furthermore, participants who ate at least four servings of organic fruits and veggies daily during the test period reported less feelings of anxiety and depression. This is likely due to the fact that these foods help promote serotonin production, which is essential to mental health and mood regulation. However, in addition to dietary changes, those seeking natural ways to fight depression should consider talking to a qualified BetterHelp therapist.


Talk to Experienced Mental Health Therapists from the Comfort of Home

A shared aspect of those with depression is often having trouble leaving the home or feeling anxious when forced to. This discomfort is a top reason why nearly half the people who need counseling for depression don’t get the help they need. Distance and access to transportation are also problematic for many. Teletherapy removes the traditional geographic and mobility barriers that can accompany traditional mental health therapist sessions. Thanks to the convenience of teletherapy, individuals can talk to licensed therapists via email, live chat, video conferencing, text or phone call.

At BetterHelp, patients pay a low flat rate and can have access to a dedicated professional anywhere, anytime. There are generally no session limitations concerning on the number of sessions one can have monthly, so time can indeed be on the patient’s side without being too harsh on the pocketbook. Regardless of the type of therapy one needs—including access to specialists, couples or family counseling—teletherapy providers like BetterHelp can help match patients with the right therapist quickly.

Don’t spend another day feeling blue. Try these two natural ways to fight depression and boost mood through a better diet and a professional counseling.

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