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Using Crystals to Relieve Stress


Modern life can be stressful, so it is important for many people to find ways to manage this in order to stay on top of things and continue to move forward in life. If stress levels get too high and are not being managed, this can result in anxiety, depression and it’s also a factor that can contribute towards developing more serious illnesses. For this reason, it can’t be ignored, and it is important for people to have sustainable and healthy strategies in place to help manage stress successfully.


Safe and Natural Stress-Relievers

Many crystals and stones have healing properties and have been used for thousands of years to help people restore balance, calm and achieve clarity. Crystals can be used to help calm and soothe you, providing a natural, safe and therapeutic relief from stress. There are many crystals out there that have varying healing properties, this article will look at some of the crystals that are particularly beneficial for stress relief.



This sea blue stone is known for helping bring inner peace by calming the mind and easing anxiety. It’s stress and anxiety relieving effects are so great that it could even help prevent or ease panic attacks. The comforting energy that it carries can help balance emotions and keep you calm and composed when you might otherwise be feeling quite tense or wound up. It could also be a great stone for helping relieve social anxiety as it helps build confidence and aids self-expression.


Rose Quartz

When things become overwhelming, we can sometimes forget the importance of self-care and taking a step back from it all to breathe and relax. We can also be quite hard on ourselves during times of high stress and anxiety. Rose Quartz can help at such times. It is said to greatly help in fostering feelings of self-love and helping restore emotional harmony. Carrying a piece of Rose Quartz with you can serve as a reminder to be kind and forgiving with ourselves and that taking a little time out for self-care every day will do us the world of good.



This stunningly beautiful lavender coloured stone has an alluring sparkle to it. It has been used throughout the ages to purify, build inner-strength and offer spiritual protection. It is an extremely powerful stone that offers spiritual protection by enveloping the body in a shield of glowing light which can help protect us from lower or negative energies and unhealthy environments. This shield of positive energy will help calm and relax you by nourishing and calming your nervous system.


Blue Lace Agate

In the spirit of saving the best till last, this beautiful sky-blue stone is one of the most effective crystals for the relief of stress and anxiety. It is a popular crystal for anxiety sufferers due to its powerful calming effect. Its beautiful light blue colour is soothing and helps bring peace of mind. Wearing this crystal in the form of a bracelet or necklace will help you feel less overwhelmed and bring you comfort throughout the day. Furthermore, meditating with this crystal in the morning will help you set the right foundations for the day by helping you feel calm and composed.





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