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14 Scent-Sational Healing Essential Oils for Seraphic Stimulation


Whether you communicate with a higher power, guardian angels, or other divine and celestial beings through prayer, meditation, altered states of consciousness, etc. I believe that we ALL have the ability to receive knowledge from beyond the three-dimensional realm. However, unless you are highly experienced, getting to that state of relaxation and balanced enough to receive the information can be illusive. Here are some of my favorite essential oils that I employ to ramp up my seraphic communications.



encourages energy flow, drawing in Earth energy while banishing negativity to  purify and eliminate physical and spiritual blockages that may prevent receiving divine insights. This woodsy scent is said to enhance psychic powers, clarity of mind, and help one reconnect to their Higher Self through greater awareness as it activates the heart and 3rd eye chakras.



boasts a spicy, bittersweet aroma that many find to be euphoric and stimulating to the spiritual senses. As one of the Angelic fragrances, clary sage essential oil awakens the seraphic realm of the subconscious and brings love to the inner spirit. Believed to bring forth the wisdom of the sages, it is often employed when one seeks assistance or guidance from the divine or during times of prayer.



cleanses residual energies that are impeding your spiritual pathways, breaking up these blockages and restoring harmonious energies. As this antiseptic healing oil eliminates negativity and discord, the mind can better process the ‘reasoning’ behind one’s chosen path, helping them see where they went astray and how to realign with the higher self.



increases the energy and potency of other essential oils, and it elevates spiritual and personal love on all levels as it heightens one’s awareness on the conscious and subconscious levels. The oil of transformation, frankincense awakens the spiritual senses as it opens the crown chakra and aligns the physical and ethereal bodies for deeper states of meditation. Employ this essential oil to promote inner peace and divine communication.



essential oils also strengthens the auric field and invokes connections with others and the divine through the psychic grid. Often used to ward off evil spirits and negative energies, geranium is associated with love, health and fertility. Because this essential oil opens the throat chakra and offers tremendous Yin Yang balance, many call upon geranium to integrate male/female energies that promote celestial presences.



reconnects one with harmony, clears energetic blockages, and awakens attunement between the physical and ethereal bodies, and prepares the soul for communication with one’s higher/spirit power or source. One of the angelic fragrances, grapefruit promotes feelings of joy, uplifting the angelic realms and the subconscious connection that allows them to be explored in deep states of meditation.



essential oils offer tremendous antiseptic and skin healing qualities as a topical treatment, yet they also can stimulate the higher chakras and cleanse imbalanced auric fields. Pure, high-quality Helichrysum essential oil can be pricey because it is hand-picked with love, which may attribute to users feeling a closeness with all of humanity, nature, and the grace of divine love such as that offered to us by our spirit guides.



is often employed to induce periods of astral projection and Lucid and Prophetic Dreaming due to its profound effect on the heart and 3rd eye chakras, making it ideal for seraphic stimulation. Jasmine is considered an essential oil of love, and can also be used to attract romance.



is one of the most popular calming essential oils for relaxation and insomnia relief, and is also cleanses the spirit preparing it for spiritual work by activating the crown and 3rd eye chakra. Lavender facilitates deeper states of meditation and opens the subconscious to receive celestial guidance and Akashic information. It stabilizes the physical, etheric and astral bodies, helping to also bring harmony to the higher and lower chakra centers, allowing free flow of information from divine forces.



is another Angelic fragrance ideal for cleansing physical and emotional blockages that impede spiritual growth, particularly those harbored within the lower chakras. As lemongrass essential oil repels negativity, it can help one free themselves from residual pains and anxieties stemming from this lifetime and previous ones. This newfound balance is ideal for divine communication, astral travel, and development psychic acumen.



is known as a spiritual gift once bestowed upon Jesus upon his birth and it is employed to activate the crown chakra by healers; hence, its purported connection with the divine, mystical transference, blessing objects/people, and breaking hexes from evil sources. Myrrh can be used to purify one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual ‘spaces’ and meridians allowing the knowledge of the ancients to freely flow in meditative states.



is a scent of divine love that reminds us of our spiritual essence as immortal beings of energy and vibration. As an angelic fragrance, rosemary essential oil is thought to bring forth the protection of the angels while assisting one in recognizing the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mental states. This keeps one not only mindful of their connection with the divine, but of their own nature as a spiritual, healing being.


13. SAGE

boast highly transformative properties that have made it a staple essence for clearing negative energies within spaces and detaching sentient beings from the soul and auric field. Sage is believed to transform these energies into those that serve the space or recipient, easing the burdens of disturbances and tensions they often cause. These cleansing and uplifting properties allow sage to be an ideal companion for those seeking to contact animal and spirit guides with greater clarity and an open heart and energy fields.



essence is often used during spiritual rituals and to promote altered states of consciousness such as astral projection, communication with guardian angels or guides, and for divination quests. Sandalwood essential oil has the highest vibrational resonance, and it eases mental chatter than can distort messages being received from celestial beings. It helps open the highest spiritual centers, aligns the chakras and allows the flow of greater healing energies.


Proper Use of Essential Oils for Healing

You can enjoy these scents using infusers, inhaling them, within massage oils, you can create your own air freshener recipes, and sometimes use them via direct contact in small amounts. Check out this easy to understand, all-encompassing guide on Floracopeia concerning How to Choose and Use Essential Oils that I highly recommend for novice or first time users.





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