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Magnetic Therapy: Understanding the Benefits of Polarity in Magnet Healing


The healing benefits of magnetic therapy have been explored since their discovery 4 millennia ago in the rugged mountains of Asia Minor. Embraced and revered by many ancient cultures, Chinese healers used them in conjunction with acupuncture and reflexology, Cleopatra slept upon lodestones to retain her youthful beauty, and even Plato and Aristotle wrote of ‘lodestone’s’ benefits. Since the 15th Century, more ‘scientific’ studies have taken place and many indicate a variety of magnetic therapy benefits, and along with the discovery of bio-magnetics we now understand even more about how a magnet’s geological North and South ‘poles’ effect the body in very different ways.


Geological North and South Polarity – Using Magnets for Maximum Benefits

In short, the geological North side of magnets are the Negative side and are most commonly used for healing trauma, improving weak organs, and promoting energy. The South facing pole, or the Positive side, should only be used with caution and typically under the care of a medical provider or therapist. It can occasionally used for pain relief and to treat more complex growths, but isn’t recommended for infections, and inflammations, as it can exacerbate symptoms. Here’s a more in-depth compilation of each sides role in the benefits of polarity in magnet healing.


Geological North/Negative Polarity Side

When one is injured, the brain sends out negative charges to the traumatized region, and the negative field of magnets amplify and expedite healing in many ways. The most clear benefit of using the geological North side of a bio-magnet is it’s ability to convert the polarity of the blood within areas of illness or injury. This allows the blood to properly flow and pull wastes and toxins towards cleansing organs. This fuels for good cell growth aided nutrients the blood can now deliver to assist with naturally healing the body. Here are a few other uses for magnetic therapy using the North / Negative side.

  • Decreases acidity and increases pH to promote normal alkaline levels, an essential part of fighting bacteria, colds, and oxygenating cells for healing.
  • Helps control inflammation, reduce redness and warmth
  • Stimulates melatonin production
  • Excellent for kidney infections
  • Eases skin wounds, rashes, boils, and eczema
  • Decreases abnormal calcium ions
  • Decreases activity in overactive organs
  • Encourages sleep and relaxation
  • Contracts tissues to alleviate fluid retention
  • Speeds up blood coagulation
  • Dissolves build-up of fatty deposits in veins and arteries
  • Aids neural transmissions for faster healing and improved metabolic functioning


Geological South/Positive Polarity Side

The body simply doesn’t function properly in a continual or long-term state of geological southern polarity; hence why we recommend expert consultation before undertaking extended use of this side of a bio-magnet. In general, here are some basic ‘rules of thumb’ for use.

  • Can be beneficial when placed upon specific disturbed pressure points or meridians
  • Increases activity of the organs within its energy field, including bacteria; hence do not use where there is infection, tumors, or swelling present
  • Increases intra and intercellular fluids, which can relax tissues and ease certain pain such as backaches and mild muscle soreness
  • As a vasodilator, can ease certain conditions, but shouldn’t be used near abrasions or wounds.


Explore Magnetic Therapy with Healing Jewelry

We’ve introduced a few pendant designs within our Sacred Tree Amulet Series and Celtic Amulet Series which feature flat, neodymium magnets, and we feel that it’s essential for users to understand the polarity of magnets to properly use and reap maximum benefits from them. Each of our exclusive magnetic Quantum Stones are REVERSIBLE pendants, allowing them to be worn with the appropriate polarity side towards the heart depending on specific healing needs. We make every effort to ensure that the North (Negative) polarity in each piece faces the heart when it’s ‘true front’ or ornate side faces outward. However, it’s a good idea and a fun experiment to do a quick home test – Learn how to determine magnet polarity here.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with magnetic therapy, as everyone responds differently while others have no response to it at all! Some individuals can wear magnets for hours or even continually, while some feel discomfort after only a few minutes, so do what feels right to you, and you may want to consult your medical practitioner before and during your magnetic therapy efforts.


***The medical information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Do not use magnetic therapy if you use a pacemaker or similar device impacted by magnets.***




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