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Aromatherapy Has Proven To Be The Answer To Sleeping Disorders


Insomnia remains to be one of the critical health issues that are affecting a significant number of individuals across the country. People are highlighting their frustrations when they are not able to sleep. This problem has caused a large number of people to have a low quality of life while others are recording substantial negative impacts on their well-being. Some factors such as depression, stress, hectic lifestyle, working schedules, and physical illness have all been cited as probable root causes for insomnia.

Using calming and relaxing experience is one of the primary methods of solving insomnia problems. Multiple methods are used to enhance sleep time while at the same time recording a reliable and intended wake-up time. Physical exercises and regular bathing with hot water before bedtime have been highlighted as some of the methods that could solve insomnia. However, these methods have not been verified through scientific research. Aromatherapy tips remain to be some of the valid methods that can solve sleep disorders.


Use of Lavender Oil

The use of lavender essential oil has been cited as one of the most reliable methods of solving sleep disorders. Individuals have been encouraged to inhale lavender oil before sleep time. However, other experts highlight that lavender oils should be sprayed on the pillow as it will give maximum aroma to a person throughout the night. People with sleeping problems have been requested to apply lotions that have lavender oils as one of the ingredients before they sleep.



Sandalwood oil has been highlighted as another method through which aromatherapy can help individuals to solve their sleeping problems. Research shows that people with sleeping problems are likely to have memorable sleeping time when they have the outdoor smell in their bedroom. Sandalwood oil is known to bring woodsy and natural scent in the bedroom which is known to be an excellent aromatherapy treatment. This oil can be sprayed in the bedroom and allowed to diffuse before individuals can go to bed.


Use of Bergamot Oil

Gary Young has repeatedly highlighted that all essential oils have a significant impact on the way individuals sleep. Bergamot oil is an essential oil that originates from citrus plants. This oil has a substantial impact on the individual’s sleep and is also known to impact the awakening senses. This oil helps an individual to calm down, which ultimately helps them to relax their senses and get to sleep. Bergamot oils have for a more extended period been known to quieten the mind of an individual which allows them to fight insomnia.


Roman Chamomile

Multiple research studies have already proven that consumption of nicotine and caffeine have detrimental effects on the ability to sleep. However, Roman chamomile tea is known to be useful for those individuals who have insomnia problems. A person is expected to take a cup of Roman chamomile tea after which they will experience calming and relaxation feeling brought about by the essential oils in the tea.


Marjoram Oils

A significant number of individuals claim that their sleeping problems are brought about by physical pain. This pain could be originating from an injured leg or even back pain. Many people take painkillers with the view that pain will go down and allow them to sleep. The best method is to use marjoram oils in the injured areas. The oil should be applied gently on the injured spot after which it will eliminate all the pain. All the tension and aches will be replaced by a relaxed feeling and ultimately sleep.

Sleep is a critical component of a healthy life. Aromatherapy, which mostly comes from the essential oils, has for a more extended period proven to be the best method of solving sleeping problems. It has been established, through scientific research that aromatherapy works as it has previously helped many people to sleep and to wake up at the most appropriate time. However, extreme sleeping problems such as sleep disturbances can only be solved through extensive medical attention by a specialized medical practitioner.





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