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Heart expansion with the help of Crystals


Everyone knows and talks much about Rose Quartz. One of my favorites.

I love it. It’s soft and sweet and very subtle. Sometimes when I send a package off, I love to add in a piece of it as a gift of love. And no doubt, once I start with my jewelry offerings, Rose Quartz will feature in some form or other too!

Some lesser know incredible heart healing pieces are what I’d like to mention here though. Kunzite and Hiddenite. One is pinkish, the other with a tinge of green usually. I’m not going to write specifics about either – I leave that to you to research if you feel inspired to.

In days when the budget was incredibly tight for me, I stumbled upon them at a gem exhibition. I was able to get a small piece of each. Back then I knew nothing about “my path”. I knew nothing about much of practical life and simply lived the daily grind really. Which was painful in itself. But there was a part of me that simply knew, I know not how, that my heart needed to be healed so that it’s innate purity could shine through radiantly.


And with that, I was so drawn to work, work, work, work on healing this precious heart of mine. Purifying it in ever deeper measures. I purchased these two little pieces and put them into this cage here, and this is how I wore them. They also slept with me, under my pillow as my gemstones tend to.

Post 2012, the consciousness of all creation has dramatically shifted. Much has awakened in ever deeper measure and our beautiful crystal people of the crystal kingdom are no exception. So each piece that we own now offers up to us ever deeper levels of service. That’s pretty amazing.

If you are guided, I would like to suggest that you research and feel into whether these two blessed aspects of consciousness are right for you. I am certain that they will gift you most abundantly with their capacity to open your beautiful heart ever wider.

Many blessings and all my love


Reena Joshi is a modern day mystic, alchemist, scribe and quantum energy healer. While preferring to stay away from labels, which she feels simply pose limitations to the world of possibilities, she has a wide array of hats that she wears. Healer, teacher, guide, mystic, writer, poet, artist, creative, conservationist, activist, alchemist, health-nut, animal lover, reformer. These are simply a few of the hats she wears, as and when required. Never hard hats though, for she has recognized and understood the need to be fluid and allow for flowing change to unfold.


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