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Signs You Should Learn To Meditate


In today’s fast-paced world of work, school, extracurricular activities, and demands on our time, children and adults alike find ourselves experiencing stress more than ever before. Harmful stress and busy schedules do little to quiet the mind and calm the body; it seems that a little meditation is in order.


What is meditation?

The term “meditation” refers to any technique that is used to quiet and calm the mind. Meditation techniques practice development of concentration, clarity, emotional peace, and learning to see the true nature of things. Some believe that meditation is the single most important thing you can do to transform your life and effect personal change.

There are some common misconceptions about meditation that cause people to initially resist learning and practice. Some people believe that you must practice for hours on end or to master the art of the quiet mind; in truth, every attempt at personal development and self-reflection is going to be beneficial. If you are finding yourself increasingly frustrated and unable to cope with the stressors of everyday life, here are some signs that you should learn to meditate:


If you are always “exhausted”

Maintaining a delicate balancing act between home and work is enough to cause stress for anyone, and stress is a main cause of fatigue. Meditation helps you to rejuvenate both mind and body, and in reducing your stress, you’ll find that you have additional energy that wasn’t available before.


If you struggle to make simple decisions

Inability to make simple daily decisions like what to wear or what to order at the coffee shop is an indicator that your brain is overtaxed. Do yourself a favor and hit the reset button; learn to meditate in stages, giving yourself a little grace as you embark on the path to self actualization.


If you are constantly battling colds and flu

Meditation can strengthen the mind AND body; it has a marvelous effect of being able to strengthen the immune system. Just a few minutes of focused breathing per day is enough to improve your overall health.


If you feel run down

There is a tremendous drain that comes from not being able to function at your best. Living somewhere between ill and functional is not a good place to be; giving yourself the benefit of meditation will give you a boost of energy to get through your day.


If you feel overwhelmed

Wondering how you’ll have time to accomplish everything on your “to do list” is a good indicator that you are overworked and not giving back to yourself in healthful ways. Taking the time to meditate daily sends the message to mind and body that you are worth it. You will experience what it is like to live in the moment and learn to cherish each moment rather than focusing on what is or isn’t getting done.


If you can’t deal with your workload

If it seems that every time you turn around, you have more work piling up on your desk, it’s time to take time for yourself. Coping is an essential strategy for getting work done in a timely manner; add some meditation to your routine to get your productivity flowing.


If you suffer from mood swings

If little things send you into a tizzy, and your family cowers in fear when you enter a room, wondering what kind of mood you are currently sporting, it’s time to meditate. Use meditation to sooth and release anger, allowing you to feel more calm and centered.


If you question your place in this world

When daily life is losing its luster, and you find yourself wondering if “the hokey pokey is really what it’s all about”, meditation can help you once again find your passion and sparkle. Learn to see and appreciate the synchronicities that are coming your way, and ride the amazing journey of life with more peace and clarity.


If you struggle to stay focused

Meditation has the remarkable ability to quiet the mind and learn to tune out distractions; just a few minutes per day will allow you to zero in on tasks that need to be done with minimal distractions and setbacks.


If you are anxious and depressed

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression, it’s time to incorporate meditation into your daily life. It is possible to completely eliminate the adverse effects of negative thoughts, fears, and emotions with meditation. This is powerful stuff!


If you crave change in your life

When life becomes tedious and routine, it’s time to learn once again to see and appreciate the gifts and magic that come with being human and following a unique pathway. Meditation opens up new possibilities and new pathways for you to explore; if you crave change and new things in your life, open yourself up to the wonder that meditation can provide.

Don’t let the newness of meditation deter you from the positive changes that you will see upon incorporating it into your life. There are plenty of resources out there that can initiate you with a little meditation 101; find a method of meditating that resonates with you, and open yourself up to new possibilities and the magic that takes place upon learning to know and love your truest self.





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