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Jasmine Essential Oil – Unleash the Solar Plexus Chakra and Reclaim Your Will


Considered the king of flowers and the queen of the night, Jasmine is one of the world’s most popular aromatherapy tools. Extracted through a delicate hydro-steam process, jasmine essential oil contains a number of natural components that are proven to benefit humans emotionally and physically. Some of the most beneficial include: benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl benzoate, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, geraniol, linalool, nerol, nerolidol, and phytol. However, many also call upon jasmine essential oil for metaphysical purposes such as opening and balancing the solar plexus chakra and attaining higher states of spirituality.


Jasmine Oil, the Solar Plexus Chakra and Adrenal Glands

Jasmine essential oil is depicted as the ‘Solar Plexus of Ra’ amid the Pyramid Texts of Saqqara. The Egyptians held strong beliefs that proper functioning of the major glandular systems in the body was essential to attain higher levels of health and consciousness. The solar plexus chakra is located right behind the navel where the adrenal glands are also located. The adrenals are your hormone powerhouse that regulates immunity, metabolism, the nervous system, stress responses and much more.

It is believed that imbalances in the sacral chakra can cause issues with the adrenals and also impede one from following their true will. Associated with the element of fire, a balanced sacral chakra allows one to feel warmth and comfort that associates confidence without ego or fear, strength without anger, and emotions without contingencies or expectations. As the essence of one’s will, balancing the solar plexus / navel chakra with jasmine oil can also provide one with an array of mind, body and spirit benefits.


Mental and Emotional Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine is beloved amid aromatherapy enthusiasts because of its calming and soothing effects on the mind. It’s been shown to boost mood and alleviate acute and chronic fatigue symptoms as it helps balance hormones and restores energy. Jasmine essential oil has been widely studied concerning its ability to relieve stress and serve as a natural antidepressant. Users tend to have a more cheerful disposition and a healthier and optimistic outlook on life. With the solar plexus chakra balanced and active, individuals often enjoy greater confidence and self-respect, hence the use of jasmine oil to help dispel addictive tendencies.


Bodily Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

Nervous System: Through skin penetration, aromatherapy diffusion, or ingestion jasmine has been shown to effect numerous biological factors such as heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, breathing and alertness.

Libido Enhancer: The aromatherapy benefits of Jasmine oil seem to have a profound influence on one’s libido and sexual vigor. Many employ it to assist with issues such as impotency, frigidity, and premature ejaculation.

Fighting Infections / Bacteria: Compounds within jasmine oil including benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, and benzyl benzoate serve as powerful antiseptics and disinfectants both internally and externally. This oil also has germicidal, antiviral and fungicidal properties, making it one of the most studied and appreciated essential oils.

Weight Loss & Digestion: Those looking for natural weight loss ideas have likely heard of the benefits of Jasmine tea. Because it boosts immunity and detoxifies the body, jasmine oil is exceptional for many kinds of digestive issues. Clearing the solar plexus chakra can also boost weight loss and alleviate digestion problems as burdens and stress fade away.

Womanly Concerns: Jasmine essential oil has been shown to help regulate the menses cycle and help ease discomfort associated with the moon days. It’s also been shown to assist women during childbirth when massaged on the abdomen to promote contractions and ease pain. Jasmine’s compounds also seem to help increase lactation and stave off postpartum depression. As a bonus, jasmine also stimulates hormones that tone the uterus up after childbirth.

Skin Health: Jasmine oil is commonly used among beauty products, specifically those for hydrating and improving skin elasticity. It softens, tones and can even help fade scars from wounds, acne, and stretch marks.

Congestion & Coughs: The compounds in jasmine work as an expectorant that relieves coughs and congestion in the respiratory tracts and nasal cavities. Hence, it can also alleviate snoring! As an antispasmodic, this oil provide quick relief—especially when inhaled or ingested—for intestinal cramps, coughing spasm, spasmodic cholera, cramps, asthma attacks etc.

Alleviating Pain & Stressed Muscles: An exceptional oil to include in blends for muscle relief, jasmine oil can relax and give suppleness to stiff limbs.


Metaphysical and Spiritual Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

This incredibly powerful oil is thought to help one become connected to the divine realms through its creation from purple flowers. It is thought to assists individuals seeking to live a balanced life both sexually and spiritually as they become open to new possibilities as the sacral chakra centers and balances. Jasmine oil is used to help one embrace their “I am and I will” mentality without becoming centered in ego or greed. Rather, these efforts transmute into a greater sense of oneness and compassion for the self and others. Those seeking to eradicate shame, self-doubt, irrational anger and fears often call upon Egyptian jasmine oil to induce feelings of safety and security.


Popular Ways to Use Jasmine Essential Oil in the Home and On the Go

With a few inexpensive tools and high quality essential and carrier oils, you can create your own jasmine oil blends and enjoy aromatherapy anywhere, anytime!

  • Direct Inhalation / Cupping from the Hands
  • Aromatherapy Inhalers / Nebulizers
  • Spritzers / Roller Bottles
  • Steam Distribution / Ultrasonic Diffusers
  • Massage Oils / Candles / Perfumes / Bath Oils / Soaps / Scrubs
  • Internally in Foods and Drinks / Capsules / Suppositories / Oil Pulling

Always follow recommendations for diluting essential oils prior to use, and be sure to properly store them for maximum enjoyment. Only certain oils are appropriate for consumption and others may cause photo-sensitivity, so do your homework and forget about taking chances!


Essential Oils to Blend with Jasmine Oil

While everyone has their own idea of what a ‘scent’sational aroma is, the following essential oils are commonly infused with jasmine oil to create unique healing blends.

Amber Oil, Bergamot, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Frankincense, Orange, Geranium, Melissa, Mandarin, Lemon, Lime and Palmarosa

Remember, everyone has a different reaction to essential oils and the practice of aromatherapy, so do what feels right and works for you. Let intuition and experience guide your journey of exploration when it comes to using essential oils.


Crystals and Stones to Pair with Jasmine Oil for the Solar Plexus Chakra

Combining the remarkable healing powers of pure Egyptian Jasmine Oil with a companion stone can amplify your efforts to balance and restore the solar plexus chakra. Some of our favorite stones and crystals to pair with Jasmine Oil include:

Citrine, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Jasper, Yellow Fluorite, Shungite, and Natural Carnelian


Use Only the Highest Quality Pure Essential Oils

Your mind, body and spirit deserve the best quality oils, especially if you plan to use them upon the skin or for ingestion. After all, the human body isn’t designed to properly process synthetic oils, so stick with essential oils that are 100% crafted from natural plants and flowers, such as the Jasmine oil amid our line of unadulterated Pure Egyptian Essential Oils.





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