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The Subtle Differences Between Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons


Get Answers and Discover Shielding Tips to Maximize Your Energetic Potential

In the world of metaphysics and spirituality, the term empath is used rather frequently these days. However, there is much confusion concerning whether one is to be considered an HSP—a highly sensitive person—or whether they are an empath. While the majority of us are empathetic to the situations of those around us, being an empath is somewhat different. In fact, only two to three percent of humans are considered to be empaths, while 15-20 percent are described as HSPs. Yet, it is possible for certain individuals to possess both qualities, and empaths are also exhibit most of the traits of highly sensitive persons.

Either way, these gifts can be used to your advantage as you master the ability to control the overwhelming senses you may have. You can utilize these abilities to help others as well as to realize your full potential as a spiritual being on the earthly plane. In short, these terms are generally defined as:

Empaths—Someone who has an uncanny ability to pick up on the verbal and non-verbal energetic resonance and feelings of others.

Highly Sensitive Persons—Those who experience highly emotional sensitivities to certain stimuli in their surroundings and those within it.

Essentially, HSPs have acutely enhanced sensory awareness, while empaths seems to exhibit greater clairvoyant-type of energetic awareness abilities.


Characteristics of Highly Sensitive Persons

According to many astrologers, HSP’s tend to have one or more planets in water signs such as Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Other common traits experienced by highly sensitives include:

  • A preference to ‘ride solo’ without the need for frequent companionship.
  • Taking things personally and becoming offended by the actions of thoughts of others.
  • Feeling both your own emotions and those of others on an intrinsic level.
  • Noticing seemingly insignificant details and be more conscious of your surroundings that others are oblivious of. You may experience stress due to an overactive sensitivity to certain colors, bright lights, smells and sounds.
  • Anxiety in social situations can be challenging for a number of reasons such as those mentioned above, which can lead to people and group avoidance. Many people who have or are planning on living off the grid identify as HSPs.
  • Erupting in tears when others around you cry, and you may be more emotional in general.

Highly sensitive persons should learn and embrace shielding practices and coping mechanisms to preserve their energy and control their tendency for emotional outbursts. Learn some effective shielding skills at the end of this post.


Traits and Signs of Being an Empath

In detailed astrological readings, many empaths’s moon is placed in a water sign. Much like HSP’s empaths tend to have social anxiety issues, but often on a greater level. These individuals quickly sense the emotions and energy of those around them, yet feel very balanced when alone. However, empaths typically have better coping skills once they’ve accepted their role in the universe and become trained in shielding and energy balancing practices.


Other signs of empaths include:

  • Finding yourself drawn into ‘helping careers’ and areas of interest such as energy work, organic living, and drawn to protecting the planet.
  • Intuitively knowing the unsaid concerns and issues of others.
  • Being the listening board for people. You seem to make them feel comfortable and have a knack for sensing their pain and emotional/physical state, leaving you often feeling energetically drained after an engagement with certain people.
  • Having challenges in relationships as an empath, because it’s hard for others to understand your overwhelming sense of empathy for others.
  • The uncanny sense that something is wrong with someone you care about, and you may even take on their physical and emotional symptoms and behave in ways uncommon to your ‘norm.’
  • Finding it hard to understand your own emotions and exploring ways to resolve them even when you can effectively guide others to greater insights and solutions.

Empaths are advised to pursue various ways and means of harnessing their energetic talents and exploring the depths of their abilities further. After all, being amid 2-3% of the population is something to not take for granted!


Shielding Techniques and Tools for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

While shielding your energy field is essential for all persons, it’s especially so for HSPs and empaths. Shielding serves to not only protect you, but the energies of those around you.

Sage—One of the easiest ways to stave off negative sentients is to carry sage with you and burn it in your home and sacred spaces.

Stones and Crystals—Protective and shielding crystals such as the harmonically infused pendants we offer at Just about any stone can be programmed for protection once you set your intentions into it…but as an additional barrier, all of our stone jewelry includes our exclusive “Shield My Aura” harmonic infusion to protect your etheric bodies from negative energies.

Call to Source—You should also employ tools for mindfulness such as protective prayers or affirmations and mindful meditation to ****battle negative energies and keep you balanced throughout the day.

Body Shielding—There are several types of ‘invisible shielding’ techniques. One of the most popular is the 12-D method. See the short 5-minute video below to learn about this incredibly easy tool.

Just remember, that whether you are considered an empath, HSP or neither…that your spiritual self has a unique role and service to offer while in your physical body. Have some insights or shielding tools to share with the collective? Tell us what your experiences below.





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